Providing quality and promt services to our customers, we have garages or motor pools near our clients and their designated pick-up and drop-off points.

G.C.T. Transport Services, Inc. complies with all applicable regulatory requirements of its clients without prejudice to the existing laws of the government.

We continously improve or services to retain customers satisfaction through training and seminars of the staff direct and indirect services to our clients.

Customer Service

Maintaining customer satisfaction is the primary aim of our company. To achieve this, we inverst in our employees training, we address customers feedback and evaluates them and lastly we innovate accordingly to retain revenue through satisfied clients.


Our company's focus is not to make profits ny changing at any rate; rather, we offer our services at reasonble rates that can easily be accounted for.


It is the company's aim to invest on employee trainings, services evaluation and bus units maintenance to optimize business opportunities.


A well-planned projection dictates the growth of the company and in order to do this we maximize the use of our personnel and resources to attain growth and expand in terms of the increase in number of our units and the distance that our services can reach in the best interest of our customers.

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